3 Quick Fixes For A Leaky Roof

Apr 4, 2022

A leaky roof is a problem that can become disastrous and should always be repaired by a professional. However, sometimes contractors cannot come to repair a roof right away. This week, we’ve outlined a few temporary roof repairs you can use to tide you over before a contractor can make a permanent fix. 


A waterproof tarp is one of the most tried and true methods for stopping a roof leak in its tracks. They are sold at most hardware and home improvement stores. Be careful when using a tarp because it must be flat against the roof so water can’t get in through any gaps. It’s also wise to use a tarp that is considerably larger than the damaged part of the roof. To temporarily secure a tarp, use duct tape or nails.

Tar Paper

Tar paper is a heavy-duty paper used in roof construction that is useful due to its waterproof material. While this fix is a little more involved, it is a great way to protect your home from any further damage caused by a leak. Tar paper is pretty easy to find in hardware stores and can be easily spread with a knife.


Roofing tape is another temporary option that should be able to prevent further damage until a professional is available to fix the problem permanently. Roofing tape can be easily applied from inside your home, eliminating the danger of climbing onto a roof without professional experience. Remember that roofing tape will sometimes lose adhesion if rain or other inclement weather is persistent. 


When a roof starts to leak, it’s critical to prevent as much long-term damage as possible. Concerned about your roof? Contact us today!