4 Easy Ways to Make Your Construction Project Eco-Friendly

Jan 31, 2022

The construction industry has been known to negatively impact the environment with different types of pollution. For example, construction can often cause improper waste disposal, air pollution, paper waste, and an overall increased carbon footprint. However, there are ways to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects, and this week we’ve outlined four ways to make your construction project more environmentally friendly. 

Buy Sustainable Materials

If you’re looking to approach your construction project through a more eco-friendly lens, begin by using sustainable building materials. For example, instead of using concrete, which is notorious for releasing tons of greenhouse gases, explore the idea of using a concrete alternative. In recent years, engineers have identified alternatives to concrete, such as timbercrete, ferrock, rammed earth, or recycled plastic. 

Prioritize Natural Light & Energy 

A more obvious way to scale back on energy use is to simply use less of it. For example, you can save energy during your actual project by having work done early in the day when there is more natural light and by opening doors and windows to cool the space down rather than relying on your air conditioning system. In terms of planning, you can incorporate energy-efficient windows, solar panels, and more natural light into the design of your new project to maximize sustainability.

Reuse & Recycle Any Waste Generated

Garbage, unused materials, and old rubble are massive byproducts of construction. Many contractors will dispose of this material at a designated landfill site. Instead, you could reuse or recycle material such as plastics, wood, glass, masonry, and lumber for future projects, which will benefit the environment while saving you money. As the world finds sustainable alternatives, there are increased recycling options for construction-related materials. 

Go Digital

Digitizing constructions plans is a small yet effective step to help the environment. By eliminating paper waste and using computer software to draw up plans, budgets, and invoices for projects, you reduce the risk of losing important documents and subtly help reduce deforestation. 


Construction projects have historically been a significant contributor to pollution, but there are simple ways to help reduce waste and become more eco-friendly. Have questions about how to make your next project more eco-friendly? Contact us today!