Install A His & Hers Walk-In Closet

Nov 29, 2021

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to battle over space in a shared closet, walk-in or not. It’s difficult to make the most of a cramped, dark closet that doesn’t have enough space for all of your clothing, accessories, and miscellaneous items. If you are prepared to renovate, consider transforming your small master bedroom closet into a modern-day his and hers styled closet. Maximize every inch of your closet with these helpful tips. 

Divide Space

The first thing you should do when you start designing your walk-in closet is to distinguish clear sides of the closet. Be realistic when dividing up space, if one person has more clothes, shoes, or accessories that need space should be reflected in the design of the closet. Once you have your dimensions, your builder will be able to tailor your space to your exact needs. 

Utilize shelving and baskets

Storage tools will be your best friend when it comes to organizing your his & hers closet. They’re a great way to organize jewelry racks, ties, hats, socks, and any other small item that doesn’t necessarily need to be hung up or take up an entire drawer. For maximum organization, you can even label baskets and shelves.

Make The Most Of Empty Space

Adjusting the hanging space in a closet to fit your clothes will do wonders for making the most of the space. Most closets are designed with one single rod and shelf at the top, which leaves large gaps of unused storage below your clothes and often a large unused block above the upper shelf. You can double your storage by including double hanging sections that feature an upper and lower rod in the same vertical section. 

Don’t Forget The Little Things

When designing your closet, small additions can make a world of difference. Use a wardrobe rod to stage your outfits for the next day or incorporate a jewelry rack to organize your favorite pieces. 


A His & Hers closet can make a world of difference in the organization of your home. If you have questions about updating your closet, contact us today!