The Best Commercial Security Systems In 2022

Mar 7, 2022

A reliable security system is essential to the success of any business. Whether preventing break-ins, floods, or fires, having eyes on your business while you aren’t around is vital. The best commercial security systems combine affordability and advanced features not used for residential systems. This week, we’re highlighting the best commercial security systems to invest in for 2022. 


ADT is a top-rated choice for residential security systems, but many business owners don’t realize the value of their commercial security systems. ADT is a top contender due to its custom plans and easy integration with other security systems. Additional benefits of using ADT include:

  • Remote surveillance through a mobile app.
  • Professional installation and surveillance.
  • Top-rated customer support for small businesses.


Frontpoint offers both pre-assembled DIY security bundles as well as custom security plans. Their DIY packages are easy to install and high-end. Frontpoint is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an uncomplicated system without sacrificing quality.


Simplisafe is one of the most affordable security systems on the market. Their hardware includes a sleek design that makes devices hard to spot. If you’re a small business looking for protection on a budget, consider SimpliSafe. Their plans cover the basic necessities such as environmental monitors, cameras, and locks. The system is also accessible by an intuitive mobile app that allows users to control the system from anywhere.


Vivint security systems are the ultimate solution when it comes to customization. Their products offer seamless integration into existing security equipment and are monitored professionally 24/7. In addition, Vivint allows businesses of all types to find the system that works best for them based on the size of the space. Consultations with a Vivint team member also help to prioritize potential vulnerabilities of a business’s security. 


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