Things To Know Before Building a Deck

Jun 27, 2022

A deck can be a perfect oasis for enjoying company and relaxing. A deck can be diligently crafted to fit your specific needs but requires considerable planning and decision-making before a project can break ground. This week, we’re telling you everything you need to know before adding a deck to your home. 

Purpose and Function

Decks are versatile spaces that can be used for entertaining, outdoor dining, relaxation, and so much more. The first thing you should do is identify the purpose and function of your deck and design the space accordingly. For example, if you want a shady area, a deck should be placed under trees and feature an awning, but if you want to use it to work on your summer tan, it should be placed in an area with all-day sunshine. If the deck will be a place for hosting barbeques and parties, ensure easy mobility between the space and the kitchen.


Determining the function of your deck will help you figure out the ideal location. You should be sure that you’ll be able to scale the deck to the size of your property, maximize your view using the scenery around you, and have easy access to bathrooms and kitchens. 

Privacy is an essential factor that should be considered in the planning process. Sometimes, there is not a perfect spot for a deck that’s 100% private. If you have to settle on a location that may be in view of neighbors or the street, you may consider adding privacy measures such as screens or fences. 


Your budget is another critical factor that will impact what you can do with a deck realistically. The cost of materials, size, permits, labor, furniture and lighting add up quickly. Make a spreadsheet of every projected expense and call around for a few different estimates for the above expenses. 


Wood is the obvious choice for decking material, but there are quite a few options to choose from that affect maintenance and cost. The most weather-resistant option is pressure-treated woods like pine, cedar, and redwood. If you’re looking to be eco-friendly composite materials made of recycled wood diners are easy to maintain but will be more expensive. Plastic planks are another great option that resist rot but tend to get very hot in the sun. 

Choosing a Contractor

Choosing the right contractor can be challenging. However, a trustworthy contractor can help ensure you know the local codes and regulations and will typically take care of the logistics for you. Our Guide of questions to ask before hiring a home contractor will safeguard you and your home from fraudulent contractors and a deck-building disaster. 


Building a deck doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Have more questions about adding an outdoor addition to your home? Contact us today!