Trending Kitchen Styles

May 23, 2022

With summer approaching, you may be eager to give your kitchen a new look. There are many kitchen designs constantly going in and out of fashion, but this week we’ve rounded up a few of the most stylish kitchen trends of 2022. 


This coastline-inspired style incorporates rustic elements paired with a casual feel. Open shelving, bold colors, archways, and lots of wood elements are common. The laid-back atmosphere of a Spanish style kitchen is perfect for entertaining. 


The agricultural based kitchen style employs a mix of traditional and rustic styles, with an emphasis on natural materials like wood and cotton. One of the coziest trends of the year, it’s perfect for those looking to feel comfortable and at peace in their kitchen. 


This understated kitchen style features a lot of simple white spaces, feature lights, and wooden flooring. The muted space leaves room for plenty of contemporary art and has an airy feel. 


The unique ambiance of a bohemian kitchen is filled with character and personality. This kitchen design is all about personalizing the interior with a mix of colors and unusual textures. A bohemian kitchen is great for anyone looking to create a chill, relaxed environment.


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